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When any business is expanding it is good to know that your service provider will back you up. As a part of our Customer Loyalty Program, we are happy to back up any future Hosting needs that you might have. Whether you are an individual broadening your interests and expanding your on-line presence or a growing multi billion business, we will be happy to give you discount you deserve on every future purchase of a JSP Hosting account from us.

To learn more and purchase with discount click here.


ITA Reward Club

ITA Reward Club has been introduced to our customers as a part of our never ending campaign to increase customer service satisfaction and customer awareness of the new services and solutions provided by ITA Network Solutions UK.

After you have signed-up for your primary account with ITA Network Solutions UK and the 14 days Trial period has eneded you will automatically become a member of ITA Reward Club. You will receive information and a welcome message from us on your trial expiry date. From this day onwards you are a full member of the club and you are entitled to purchase any services (including: JSP Hosting accounts, Domain name services etc.) at special rates introduced to the members of the club only.

To purchase with discount you need to have your prirmary account's username and password handy and just click here.

Earning points

With every additional purchase you make, you will receive ITA Reward Club points which will be added towards your ITA Reward Club account. You will also receive an update of your current ITA Reward Club Statement via email to the email address associated with your account. Once you have collected enough bonus points, which are equal to 3 x the cost of your primary account, an extra FREE year will be added to the expiry date of your primary account with ITA Network Solutions UK (if domain is included in your primary JSP Hosting account it will also be extended for another year for free).

That is not all, you can also earn points by referring other people to our services using your reference link, which you will receive with your full ITA Reward Club Membership.

So how does the points work?

The points are easy to understand. For each £ 1 you spend or someone else referred by you spends adds you 1 ITA Reward Club point to your account. So let's look at an example:

Your first account (primary) with ITA Network Solutions UK costs £ 65.
This means that to add an extra year to your account, you need to collect 195 ITA Reward Ponts.
You purchase your second account via the "EXTRA ORDER" section on our web site, which costs £ 56.
This will automatically add 56 ITA Reward points to your ITA Reward Club account.
Someone referred by you purchases an account for £ 180, which adds 180 ITA Reward points to your account.
At this point you receive a free year on your primary account and you have 46 ITA Reward Points left in your account, so you need to collect another 149 to add another absolutely free year to your primary account.

Checking ITA Reward Club Statement on-line

You can see your ITA Reward Club Statement here.

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